About Me


Welcome to My Twochapters – A London based travel and photography blog.

I’m Tugce (pronounced “Two Cha”), a German native, digital marketer, traveler & photographer. I’ve spent the last 3 years living in Canada and recently re-located to live in beautiful London, UK.

Growing up with Turkish parents, I spent most of my childhood traveling to Turkey. I couldn’t count the days ’till our flight took off and I would always insist to be adventurous and explore everything, anywhere we went. Once in school, I participated in every possible exchange program (Thank you Mum and Dad) and when I graduated, I knew I wanted to travel more.

In the past few years, I lived in Germany, New Zealand, and Canada. I started sharing my travel diaries and tips with friends and soon decided that I want to start a blog to capture and share my travels with the world. That’s how My Twochapters was born.

I hope you enjoyed reading my page. Come back anytime and in the meantime….

 If you want to get in touch. Follow me on Twitter @TugceOe, Instagram @mytwochapters or send me an email to tugce@mytwochapters.com


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