I’m a Londoner Now

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After weeks of selling our household in Canada, packing and apartment hunting, I finally can say I made it. I’m a Londoner now. I’ve spent the last few weeks exploring the city, taking lots of pictures, and I can’t wait to start sharing some London travel tips soon. Stay tuned!


Why You Should Travel Solo Once in Your Life


When I was 19, I made a decision to travel solo to New Zealand. In a time frame of two weeks, I booked my flight, packed my bags, and off I was going. All I knew at this point was where I would stay for the first couple of nights post arrival. I had booked a private room in a hostel for two nights to allow myself to settle in and cure my jet-lag.

After 23 hours of traveling through 3 continents, I arrived in Auckland – Me, my backpack and a copy of “Lonely Planet New Zealand”.

In my first few days in Auckland I met a ton of interesting people from all over the world. Quickly, I grew into my new life of traveling alone and meeting new friends in hostels every night. Btw. this was the pre-smartphone era and I was traveling without a laptop – This meant that it was literally me and the road most days without any connection to the world. If I wanted to be connected to my friends and family, I had to source an internet café or buy phone cards. I know – old school.

I traveled most of the North Island with a car. It was absolutely amazing. I’ve experienced magnificent sunsets, gorgeous beaches and beautiful culture.

I felt inspired, courageous – went skydiving, took photos all day, and met the most interesting people.

I worked in terribly paid jobs as a nanny, waitress, worked on farms milking goats and building fences; used my income to pay for my accommodation and lots of pasta and ketchup (all I could afford to eat).

I concluded my trip with a trip to the South Island – now on a low budget – I traveled the island by bus. I had my first white wine, encountered snow in July, and saw penguins.

Retrospectively, this was best time of my life. I didn’t have anywhere to be, anything to do. Each night I’d drive till dusk and choose a place to stay at.

Lots of times people ask me how I could have been so courageous – Frankly, I grew with my responsibilities. New Zealand taught me to be on my own, to appreciate the small things in life, to work hard, to enjoy every moment; I’m who I am now because of this experience.