Weekend Getaway to Nelson

Driving in Canada is like taking the train in Europe – Everyone does it. It’s cheap and scenic views are always guaranteed. This past weekend we felt like a “weekend getaway” and decided to go to Nelson, BC. We drove through the beautiful Western Kootenays and arrived in Nelson on Saturday afternoon.

Nelson is a little Mountain town in the Southern Kootenays about a 4 hour drive from Kelowna. The city is so friendly, bohemian, artistic, and relaxing. There are many unique stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

One of the highlights of our stay was the hike up to Pulpit Rock at the opposite side of the lake overlooking the city. Just as we reached the top of the mountain, it started snowing.

I guess winter is here.

Nelson Nelson2 Nelson3 Nelson9


Kelowna in a New Light

Fall is such a beautiful season to reconnect with places, everything seems to shine in a new light – So inspiring!

Fall Fall Fall Fall