How to Bike Through San Francisco

My boyfriend and I spent Labor Day weekend in San Francisco. It’s one of the cities that I’ve always wanted to see, so I  was very excited to finally have a chance to go.

We flew to San Francisco late Friday night. On our first night, we decided to just wander through the Union Square area and do some window shopping. We ended up in a small Italian restaurant close to our hotel.

Shopping at Union Square

The second day, we woke up bright and early to have breakfast and start our day. We spent part of the day shopping around Union Square and making use of  labor day sales. In the afternoon, we decided to take a cab to Alamo Square to enjoy the views over the city. From there, we walked down to Filmore St. were we went to a few little shops and found some pretty amazing second hand stores.

Dinner at Baker and Banker & Drinks at the Ritz Carlton

That night we had an amazing dinner at a place called Baker and Banker. Prior to our trip, I made a reservation over “OpenTable” which is an online reservation system that most restaurants are listed in. It’s great because not only does it give you an overview of the restaurants and ratings but also shows the open tables at any given time. Our choice for dinner was perfect. Baker and Banker made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived. Both food and service were outstanding. For drinks we chose to go to “The Lounge” at the Ritz Carlton which is located in the Financial district of San Francisco. The atmosphere was great and was ideal for a date night and to unwind after a day full of new experiences.

Biking Through the City

The second day in San Francisco was our favorite day. Probably one of my personal travel highlights overall. We decided to do a bike tour through the city. We rented our bikes at the Mason St. location of Blazzing Saddles. The service was great. They showed us a quick video of their recommended route (avoiding all the nasty hills) and advised us of traffic rules in SF before they handed us the bikes.

Market Street to Alamo Square

We started off downtown riding our bikes over Market Street up to Alamo Square. We passed through some quiet neighborhoods with beautiful Victorian houses.

Golden Gate Park and de Young’s Observatory Tower

Our trip continued through the Golden Gate Park which was absolutely stunning and also very very long (It’s handy to have a bike). Along the way we stopped at a few places to take some pictures. One of our stops was de Young Museum. On the first floor of the museum there is a platform called de Young’s observatory tower which is absolutely gorgeous. Glass windows overlook Golden Gate park and parts of the ocean and bridge.

Ocean Beach

Our trip continued through the park as we missed our turn to “avoid the hills” and ended up at the end of the park by Ocean beach. We were glad we made a mistake because Ocean Beach turned out to be one of the most gorgeous spots on our tour. The blue color of the ocean surrounded by the golden rocks was breath taking.

Inspiration Point to Golden Gate Bridge

We continued our trip through a bit of a hillier area and ended up on the path riding towards the bridge through China town and Presidio National Park. At “Inspiration Point” we had a quick stop for some pictures and continued straight to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Over the bridge to Sausalito back to San Francisco Marina via Ferry

We drove over the bridge into the small town called Sausalito where we had a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Copita and took the ferry back into town. There, we rode our bikes from the ferry dock to Pier 39 to walk through the market and watch the sea lions.

After biking for about 40-50km through the streets of San Francisco, we were very very tired and our legs were burning. We both felt, however, that this was one of the best days in our lives. We ended our long day with dinner and drinks Bartlett Hall. A laid back Gastro Pub close to Union Square with great food.

Both of us fell in love with the city. We love the history, architecture, and city vibe combined with the beaches and parks. We will definitely go back.

Alamo_Square_2Alamo_Square_6Flowers_2 De_Young_Museum_OutlookOcean_2Ocean_4Ocean_3Golden_Gate_Bridge_4Ferry_2


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