Things to Have in Your Carry-On

My friend Becky and I love to travel. We both worked as flight attendants after high school and experienced many good and bad situations on airplanes. Packing our own carry-on’s and understanding passenger’s needs, helped us to improve our own “carry-on-checklist”. We would like to share some of the items that are essential when you are travelling on an airplane:



A lot of the airlines provide free headphones. Most of them aren’t that good of a quality and you may have background noises while watching an exciting movie. It’s best to bring along your own headphones that work for you.

Good Earplugs, eye mask and pillow

I believe it is nearly impossible to avoid noises, light and uncomfortable seats in an airplane. Sounds of the engine, children, airline announcement… Some good pair of earplugs, and eye mask and a cozy pillow can save your life or at least your sleep.

MP3 Player/Ipod


Entertainment is everything on a long flight. Do the things you weren’t able to do in a long time. Read a book or listen to the newest album of your favorite band. Now is the time.


Take your camera with you. You never know which route the airplane might take. Becky and I took some gorgeous pictures of sunsets, the Maldives, Greenland etc.

Food and Beverages


Buy one of the drinks after security check. I know it is expensive. But save a few coins and buy some water. You will thank me when you find yourself 4 hours into the flight feeling absolutely dehydrate. You could technically also pack a water bottle and fill it up with water on the airplane. (Flight attendants might not like this so much 🙂 )


Bring some type of sugar onto the flight. Sometimes you might find your blood sugar to be very low and you get a craving for sweets. Best options are possibly oat bars, dry fruits, and nuts.



Your eyes might get really dry in the air. Make sure you either have some glasses so you can take off contact lenses, a change of lenses or some liquid to hydrate them.

Hand lotion, chap sticks

It is also nice to have some moisture for your hands and lips.


Good to have especially when you are sensitive or might have a week immune system.

Bath wipes

Tooth brush

Comb/Hair brush

Make up

Any other beauty item is really up to you. I usually like to freshen up before we land. It makes me feel better, but also is pleasant to any friends or family picking us up at the airport.



Some of us might get a stuffy nose up in the dry air with all the air conditioning or you drop some coffee on your clothes and don’t have access to paper towels. You get the idea.

Pen and Paper

Often times you are required to fill out immigration papers, but it also helps if you need to write down a quick thought.

All your valuable items

incl. passport, valet, cellphone, visa confirmation, keys, and pretty much anything else that you want to keep on you while traveling. Mistakes happen every day and checked luggage might get lost or items out of your luggage might get stolen. It is the safest option to carry anything important on you.

Socks and Sweater

Even in the summer it might get quiet chilly on an airplane, especially when you are having a window seat. Some warm socks and a sweater will help you stay warm.


Medicine that you may require (e.g. birth control, aspirin or pills against motion sickness). This is really important. If there is any medicine that you take frequently, don’t forget to put it in your hand luggage. It might also be smart to calculate the time difference and set an alarm for taking your pills in the new time zone.

Transparent bags for liquids

As you may already know, 100 ml size liquids are allowed in your hand luggage  (max. 1l in total). Make sure you you bring transparent zip lock bags or you may have to purchase them at the airport.

We hope those few tips help you to plan your next flight. Please feel free to print this out and use it as your own checklist.

And… Always happy landings

Tugce & Becky


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