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How to See London in a Day

It’s been about 3 months since I moved to London. I just started a full-time job but I was lucky enough to spend the last few weeks exploring London. I found that this one-day London walk has become my favorite. It’s been tested by me and my boyfriend; we have also taken a few of our visiting friends on this tour and they loved it.

So Here is:

How to Walk and See London in a Day

I created this map for you. It marks the view points and puts the walk into perspective.
Feel free to save it or print it before your trip:

Start at St. Paul’s Cathedral

1 St.Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is located in the “City of London” and a great starting point for an East to West London Tour. Fuel yourself for the day with a breakfast at one of the many coffee shops around.

Walk to One New Change – Take Elevator to Madison Rooftop

3 One New Change (1)

There is a mall called One New Change just next to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It has the most amazing rooftop with gorgeous views over St. Paul’s Cathedral and other parts of London. (Hidden Gem!)

Walk or Take the Bus to the Tower of London.

Buses run every 5-10 minutes towards Tower Hill. Tower Hill station is right next to the Tower of London. Explore the tower and walk towards Tower Bridge.

Cross Tower Bridge


Tower Bridge is probably one of the most iconic London landmarks. It’s such a fun experience crossing the bridge. If you are lucky, they might lift the bridge to let some big ships through. (Ok that’s probably not going to happen)

Walk the Thames Walk towards West London

Take Pictures by Millennium Bridge


I absolutely love the view from Millennium Bridge towards St. Paul’s Cathedral. Definitely a great spot to snap some photos.

Visit the Gallery@OXO


If you like art, make sure to pop buy this art gallery with regularly changing exhibitions.

Stop for Lunch at Food Market by Southbank Centre

Eating out in London can be expensive and food markets are definitely great alternatives. For your lunch, I recommend you stop by the food market behind the Southbank Centre. Mediterranean, Burgers, Cronuts – you name it, it’s there.

Pass the London Eye

London Eye

Walk by the legendary London eye. It may look like it stands, but it moves, I promise.

Cross Westminster Bridge towards Big Ben

Big Ben from under Westminster Bridge

LondonSep (7 of 10)

But before you do, pass through the tunnel underneath the bridge to snap some photos on the other side. Then cross the bridge on the left towards beautiful Big Ben.

Visit Westminster Abbey

Cause you really should see where the Royals get married. You can’t get inside without paying but it’s really beautiful on the outside as well.

Walk through St. James’s Park

London has so many great parks and St. James’s Park is definitely one of them. Walk through the park to get to Buckingham Palace.

See Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

This one’s easy. See the palace, wave to the queen, take a selfie with the guard and off we go.

Walk to Trafalgar Square


Trafalgar SquareAdmiralty Arch

Walk through “The Mall” to Trafalgar Square. The Square is beautiful with its fountains, statues, the National Art Gallery, and Admiralty Arch.

Continue to Soho via Covent Garden or Picadilly Circus

Before ending your night in Soho, take a detour over Covent Garden or Picadilly Circus.

Have Drinks and Dinner in Soho

You’ll probably have sore feet by now, so sit back at a trendy Soho pub and re-live your day in beautiful London!

Want to know more? Leave your questions and comments below!

I’m a Londoner Now

LondonSep (63 of 89)

After weeks of selling our household in Canada, packing and apartment hunting, I finally can say I made it. I’m a Londoner now. I’ve spent the last few weeks exploring the city, taking lots of pictures, and I can’t wait to start sharing some London travel tips soon. Stay tuned!

Why You Should Travel Solo Once in Your Life


When I was 19, I made a decision to travel solo to New Zealand. In a time frame of two weeks, I booked my flight, packed my bags, and off I was going. All I knew at this point was where I would stay for the first couple of nights post arrival. I had booked a private room in a hostel for two nights to allow myself to settle in and cure my jet-lag.

After 23 hours of traveling through 3 continents, I arrived in Auckland – Me, my backpack and a copy of “Lonely Planet New Zealand”.

In my first few days in Auckland I met a ton of interesting people from all over the world. Quickly, I grew into my new life of traveling alone and meeting new friends in hostels every night. Btw. this was the pre-smartphone era and I was traveling without a laptop – This meant that it was literally me and the road most days without any connection to the world. If I wanted to be connected to my friends and family, I had to source an internet café or buy phone cards. I know – old school.

I traveled most of the North Island with a car. It was absolutely amazing. I’ve experienced magnificent sunsets, gorgeous beaches and beautiful culture.

I felt inspired, courageous – went skydiving, took photos all day, and met the most interesting people.

I worked in terribly paid jobs as a nanny, waitress, worked on farms milking goats and building fences; used my income to pay for my accommodation and lots of pasta and ketchup (all I could afford to eat).

I concluded my trip with a trip to the South Island – now on a low budget – I traveled the island by bus. I had my first white wine, encountered snow in July, and saw penguins.

Retrospectively, this was best time of my life. I didn’t have anywhere to be, anything to do. Each night I’d drive till dusk and choose a place to stay at.

Lots of times people ask me how I could have been so courageous – Frankly, I grew with my responsibilities. New Zealand taught me to be on my own, to appreciate the small things in life, to work hard, to enjoy every moment; I’m who I am now because of this experience.

Mother’s Day Photo Shoot for Marlise

This past week, my friend Marlise and her fiance asked me to take their wedding invitation pictures. I felt honored to capture their sweet family, especially baby Raina, she was such a doll throughout the whole shoot. Here are some of the highlights:
Mother's Day 2 Mother's Day Mother's Day3